Lena Living Center is located in a charming small town in Northern Illinois. It’s a quaint town where people walk through a quiet downtown still operated by locally owned stores. You can smell the mom-and-pop restaurants cooking the local’s favorites as you pass by. Residents walking their dogs stop to say hello and shop owners take time to stop and say hello and catch up on the local gossip. Many of the residents know one another, and church, small festivals and school are a reason for people to get together.

Lena Living Center is one of the bigger employers in town. It’s not uncommon to speak with someone whose mother/father or grandmother/grandfather worked there or lived there, either in the Doll Apartment Building or in the Healthcare Center. The Healthcare Center has 101 licensed beds including 60 Medicare beds and provides skilled nursing as well as in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation therapy services. The facility provides occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, pain management, cardiac and pulmonary rehab, IV therapies, prosthetic training and wound care. Lena Living Center works closely with local hospice agencies to help provide and assist with end of life care. Respite care is available for families who may need a break from the stress of caring for an elderly loved one. Long term care is available for those who require significant support to meet activities of daily living.

Lena Living Center is more than a nursing home in this small town. It is a Senior Center, a Wellness Gym, a Community Center, a Resource Center and more. It’s a place to come and get your annual flu shot, blood pressure checked or hearing tested. It’s a place to bring your children to perform, to read, to write a letter or read a story. It’s a place to bring your children to get much needed free school supplies during Lena Living Center’s Back to School Supply Drive. Lena Living Center is a place where the community comes together to collect non-perishable food during their annual food drive and a place to come during the Holidays to give a staff member your child’s name to assure that he/she has a warm coat and mittens and a new toy to open on Christmas morning. It’s a place where community supper is held once a month and community bingo are still vastly popular.

Small towns face many barriers. They have in-adequate resources as there is less state and federal funding. Public transportation is limited or non-existent.

Lena Living Center has created a culture of helping neighbors and local residents. One might say that Lena Living Center is the Heart and Soul of this little town tucked away in Northern Illinois. It’s where community, heart and soul come together to try and build a stronger, healthier and more vibrant community with a bright future. A place where they can live, work, educate their children, pray and even visit the local nursing home on Sunday afternoon to take grandma out for a drive.